Discover a new way to work out

Activation Grip gives you an opportunity to improve the muscles and movements that you need in your everyday life. Modern research shows that functional training that is adapted to the demands of everyday life enhances the quality of life!


Thanks to Activation Grip people with reduced grip function won't have to focus on the grip torque during exercise and can instead put full focus on carrying out the exercise!
By linking your Activation Grip to exercise bands or a cable pulley machine, you can combine your strength training with your technique training. For example, a handball player can improve the strength in and around the shoulder joint while she also improve her shooting technique.

"I have a hand injury on my right hand, which means that I have limited strength in my grip. This has meant that I had previously avoided some exercise machines since they each have been too heavy for me to use. With Activation Grip, I can now use these exercise machines and thus work out in a completely different way than before. I can now choose from a greater variety of machines / exercises and I can also use much heavier resistance than before. Activation Grip gives me the opportunity to use the same resistance on the left and right side instead of previously only able to take in full on the left side. Instead of being limited by my feeble grip, I can now train to my full potential."

Annie, Reduced grip function in one hand