At you will find a lot of information about the most common sports injuries, rehabilitation exercises and taping instructions for rehabilitation and training. Sports Injury Guide is a collaboration between RMJ Health AB and OMT II physiotherapist Markus Bartholdsson. All information that you find on is free but it is used to the work or other projects with we encourage you to refer to us. is also a webshop where you find our own products Activation Grip & Supports by RMJ and other sports protection and other equipment that may be useful for your training, rehabilitation and everyday life.

NOTE! Do not begin a rehabilitation of an injury on your own, always contact a physiotherapist to get the best help possible. A faulty rehabilitation can harm you even more. The advice given on is only advices and you always have yourself ultimately responsible for your own body. All forms of exercise can cause a risk, and the authors and publishers here on prompts you to first of all think about your safety and get to know your own limits. Each body is unique and thus symptoms may differ greatly from individual to individual. Take injury descriptions on for general guidance and not as a given fact.