Our retailers

Only webbshop - Art nr 564008
Telephone: 08 - 404 12 00
Webbpage: http://www.medema.se

Only webbshop
Telephone: 08 - 56485030
Webbpage: http://www.kebocare.se

Only webbshop
Telephone: 0735 - 35 99 00
Webbpage: http://www.skadebutiken.se

Adress: Bäverns gränd 15, Uppsala

Telephone: 018 - 13 75 00

Webbpage: http://www.vobislivskvalitet.se/

Want to become a dealer?

We are always interested in more retailers to the Activation Grip. Do you have a store, online shop or maybe a gym or a clinic?

Use our form if you want to become a reseller we will get back as soon as we can. We are authorized for F-tax and manufactures high-quality products.