At present, we have only developed sport-specific exercises for handball but more sports are planned! Do you want any specific sport or feel you have some exercises that would fit well? Please contact us by mail to

Sports Specific & effective workout

By linking your Activation Grip to a exercise band or a cable pulley machine, you can combine your strength training with your technique training.

For example, a handball player can improve the strength in and around the shoulder joint while she practice her shooting technique.

Improve the right movements

Functional training is designed to strengthen the weak muscles that cause imbalance or pain while the body becomes more mobile. By making use of everyday movements and implement them with the training makes the training more functional.

Facilitate your training

With Activation Grip is it now possible for people with a disability in the hand to perform strength training in the same way as healthy individuals. Instead of grabbing a dumbbell or a handle, you simply connect Activation Grip to a cable pulley machine or an exercise band.

Exercises that are normally performed with a dumbbell can all be performed with a cable pulley machine and Activation Grip.

"On September 22, 2013 I got a serious wrist injury. I played a hockey game and got a hard tackle, unfortunately, I got my left hand between us and broke my wrist in several places. At Halmstad hospital the emergency department concluded that my wrist was so serious damaged that I needed to go down to the acute Hand Surgery at the University Hospital in Malmö. There I learned that the wrist was dislocated and 3 bones were broken, cartilage and ligaments had received a beating, even a nerve was heavily trapped. I was operated on the same night and checked out 3 days later with 2 screws and 2 nails in the wrist. After 8 weeks, the plaster was removed and the wrist was once again x-rayed. Everything looked good, except that the scaphoid had not healed. I started with mobility rehab and since I am an active person in both work and leisure time, I was very accurate with all the exercises I did, because I wanted to get back to my normal life. In late February 2014, I received the positive news that the scaphoid bone had healed. By this time I was finished with my mobility rehab and it was then time to start the strength rehab for the wrist. I had already got hold of an Activation Grip Duo Pack and since I spent many hours for several years in the gym, I was so excited to start work out with my remaining muscle groups such as the shoulders, chest, back, triceps and biceps. As I did not have full force and grip power in the fingers and the wrist, the use of dumbbells or barbells were out of the question, so I immediately started working out with my Activation Grip gloves and yes, what to say more than that it is an incredible equipment!  I could go to the gym the same day I was declared healthy. I was completely charmed. I had to start with lighter weights because I had not used the arm for almost half a year. The first few times I used the gloves, I felt some pain because the wrist was still a little sore after the operation, but after a few days it disappeared. Now it has gone out of the fly, the more I work out with Activation Grip the stronger I get every day in both the wrist and the other muscle groups. I can already say that I will use the Activation Grip even when I get back my full strength in the wrist. I feel that I get much better contact with the muscles when I use them. I am very pleased!

Marko, broken wrist