Strength training as rehab

In a general rehabilitation phase takes resistance training an important part, in which muscle weakness can contribute to renal function, which can lead to an abnormal movement pattern. A limited range of motion (ROM) of the upper limb is a contributing factor to people being unable to perform everyday activities, such as open cupboards or refrigerator.

Strengthening the right movements

Functional training is designed to strengthen the weak muscles that cause imbalance or pain while the body becomes more mobile. By making use of everyday movements and implement them with the training makes the training more functional.

Facilitate your training

With Activation Grip is it now possible for people with a disability in the hand to perform strength training in the same way as healthy individuals. Instead of grabbing a dumbbell or a handle, you simply connect Activation Grip to a cable pulley machine or an exercise band.

The exercises that are normally performed with a dumbbell can all be performed with a cable pulley machine and Activation Grip.

Exercise 1

Hold your arm at a 90 degree angle and stretch your arm straight down. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat.

Exercise 2

Start with your arm over your head as in the first picture. Extend the arm like on the second picture.

It is important that you stretch out your arm properly to get the whole triceps muscle involved in the movement. If needed, use the other arm to help push out the last bit.